Return Man 3 – Play Return Man Online

While exploring American football games on Google, different games appear, but Return Man 3 is uniquely different from them. So, if you have the abilities and skills to pass every stage and go through every situation in a football game, then this game is made for you.

Return Man 3, developed by ESPN team who has earned a big name in the game development industry, is the third game continuing the return man franchise.

Return Man 3 is considered to be a masterpiece work after a wonderful popularity of Return Man 1 & 2. In fact, various websites are given contact to develop their games.

What’s new in the game?

In this game, America is the central point of focus to make the player feel like in an America playground. The entire idea in the game revolves around scoring a touchdown by receiving and returning the ball skillfully and well. It is necessary to keep the opponents away from you for scoring the touchdown.

Special graphics and sound effects

Special graphics and sound effects have been added to the game to make you feel a real presence in the American football ground. Diverse lengths in the field need to be operated using the preferred difficulty settings before a touchdown can be scored.

The tacklers must be dodged so the touchdown can be scored, they might come from any direction, suddenly. The opponent players will be cleared out by your fellow mates who will surround you in some stages.

Easy to use control and appealing gameplay

Easy to use control and appealing gameplay are good reasons leading to the game’s growing popularity from day to day. A special time has been spent by developers and designers to make the game look real.

Diverse levels

15 levels have been added to the game each level with more than one sub-stage. However, scoring a touchdown by avoiding tackles remains the main objective of Return Man2. You will be able to pass the stage successfully by passing more stages – utilizing some skills awarded to you coming from various game power-ups.


The power-ups on the field in some stages are found that are able to be activated, the player needs to collect them for activation. Since the ball might fall on the ground and is likely to be picked up by any player, you have to get to the spot before your time has run out. The best thing to use for finishing the stage is the ground power-ups.