Raft Wars – Play it now Online

The central idea of the game ‘Raft Wars’

The central idea of the Raft Wars is all about Simon & his brother. You are tasked to help these two guys save their treasure, which is only possible by defeating the waves of enemies.

The enemies have to be knocked off of their perch in order to protect your raft. Before doing all that, you need to make sure that you have grabbed your tennis launcher. It is an adventurous game that can really help you enjoy your free time.

Important instructions about Raft Wars

  • Click on the link to reach the main site.
  • Click on the first picture as a game display to enable your flash.
  • Waite for a while until the game completely opens.
  • In order to aim and fire, you can move your mouse.


The game will be over in case you can’t help being knocked out of your raft.