Parking Fury – Play it now

Parking Fury – Full of driving adventure

Parking Fury is full of driving adventure from the beginning to the message of ‘the game is over’. After the start of the game, you see a specific highlighted parking space. This is the path you need to drive into so you can step up to the next advanced-level car.


You must avoid hitting the other cars or the boundary walls of the road, failure to do so would mean the ‘game over’ and your car will be destroyed.

Realistic graphics in Parking Fury will make you feel as if you are driving in your real life, going through back to back interesting levels.

Important instruction to control the game

  • To control the steering or turn the car left and right, you can use the arrow keys or ASDW alphabetic keys as per your convenience.
  • Driving out of your driving space limitations will lead to ‘the game is over’.