Jelly Truck Game

What is Jelly Truck all about?

It is safe to say that Jelly Truck is all about how action-minded you are! What you need to do is clear your path to finishing back to back levels for the next ones. Get to the end line through the Jelly world.

Jelly Truck game consists of 20 levels in total.

Jelly Truck has 20 exciting levels. Each level is a big challenge that you have to take as part of the game. So, let’s play Jelly Truck or Jelly Car. Here are the important keys you will need to use during the play.

How to make use of keys to play Jelly Truck?

  • Don’t forget to click ‘Allow flash player’ as the first thing.
  • In order to drive backward and forward, you have to use the up and down arrows.
  • When you need to tilt your truck, left and right arrows will help you do that.
  • You are not supposed to get squashed!