Fireboy and Watergirl 4 The Crystal Temple

About Fireboy and Watergirl 4 game

Fire boy and water girl reached their destination to the North Pole in the ice temple. After the successful launch of previous 3 versions, you can now bet your bottom dollar that it is very important to play together in the 4th version of the game.

What’s new in Fireboy and Watergirl 4th version?

The 4th version of Fireboy and Watergirl allows the players to have more mysterious actions than those in previous versions with the back of the element characters. Water girl and fire boy for the first time in the version are going to struggle with ice & its impacts.

How to get started with Fireboy and Watergirl 4?

In the game Fireboy and Watergirl 4, the first thing that you need to do is to pick up diamonds and fix puzzles on the platform.

Instructions to play Fireboy and Watergirl 4

  • Use the arrow keys to set fire boy in motion.
  • Make use of A, D, & W keys for water girl’s movements.
  • Make sure that the water girl is not getting into the fire lakes.
  • Waterboy must not allow moving into the water lakes.
  • In order to get each & every diamond on its way to the exit & set fire boy and water girl in motion, you can make use of the keyboard.