Return Man 4 Linebacker – Play Return Man Online

Return Man 4 Linebacker – Play Return Man Online

After a drastic success of first three installments of the game, Return Man 4 was unveiled by ESPN as the latest version of flash American football game. The new version of the game has the power to keep you amused from the beginning to the end!

If you are new to Return Man 4 simply because you have not played one of the previous versions of the series, what you need to do is to receive the ball, get to the line and kick it to enter the opponent’s goal; you also need to avoid hitting your opponents during all the course of action.

What’s new in this version?

Amazing sound effects, high-quality graphics and the fixation of all the bugs are the great updates that were not part of the previous versions. The game is the most favorite hobby of young people though, it is a game for all ages as no physical efforts are involved; you can play only just with your fingertips. Return Man 4 is a game dedicated to the taste and passion of people who love enjoying American football.

An exclusive site

Our site is all about all versions of Return Man you can play from anywhere anytime regardless of age and gender. We dedicated our site to this game taking account of it being one of the most favorite games of men and women, the young and the old.

The simplicity of the game

The game is so simple that you can pause it and then restart it when you are free even when you are working at somewhere or you simply need to go out of your room. Playing this game offers a great time to enjoy by all accounts!

The game has the power to keep you amused and entertained for hours holding your attention completely in a way that you will not feel boredom at any point or stage of its game-play. The best part of the play is its magnificent special moves so you feel like playing in a real American football ground.

Easy-to-use options

What you need to do for getting started is to choose your settings and here you go! The playing experience becomes as easy as anything while it enables you to use quite a simple keyboard four directional up & down, & right & left arrows.

Real American football surroundings

Return Man 4 is not just a digital game as you might have played for free on the internet; its strategic football moves will give you an amazingly unique playing time that you have not probably experienced before.

How to get more score?

What’s more, your name will be added to the list of other top-class worldwide players by submitting your score online once you have made yourself the best online quarterback. The more time on the game is spent by the player, the higher score can be achieved.

Realistic graphics & competitive gameplay

You will totally concentrate on being a victorious player encouraged by its competitive gameplay and incredibly realistic graphics. Special work has been done by graphic designers and developers, leaving no stone unturned to give you a sense of a professional NFL player.

Start this game right now and become a great part of American football, no dream is impossible before a firm determination to do something.

Return Man 3 – Play Return Man Online

Return Man 3 – Play Return Man Online

While exploring American football games on Google, different games appear, but Return Man 3 is uniquely different from them. So, if you have the abilities and skills to pass every stage and go through every situation in a football game, then this game is made for you.

Return Man 3, developed by ESPN team who has earned a big name in the game development industry, is the third game continuing the return man franchise.

Return Man 3 is considered to be a masterpiece work after a wonderful popularity of Return Man 1 & 2. In fact, various websites are given contact to develop their games.

What’s new in the game?

In this game, America is the central point of focus to make the player feel like in an America playground. The entire idea in the game revolves around scoring a touchdown by receiving and returning the ball skillfully and well. It is necessary to keep the opponents away from you for scoring the touchdown.

Special graphics and sound effects

Special graphics and sound effects have been added to the game to make you feel a real presence in the American football ground. Diverse lengths in the field need to be operated using the preferred difficulty settings before a touchdown can be scored.

The tacklers must be dodged so the touchdown can be scored, they might come from any direction, suddenly. The opponent players will be cleared out by your fellow mates who will surround you in some stages.

Easy to use control and appealing gameplay

Easy to use control and appealing gameplay are good reasons leading to the game’s growing popularity from day to day. A special time has been spent by developers and designers to make the game look real.

Diverse levels

15 levels have been added to the game each level with more than one sub-stage. However, scoring a touchdown by avoiding tackles remains the main objective of Return Man2. You will be able to pass the stage successfully by passing more stages – utilizing some skills awarded to you coming from various game power-ups.


The power-ups on the field in some stages are found that are able to be activated, the player needs to collect them for activation. Since the ball might fall on the ground and is likely to be picked up by any player, you have to get to the spot before your time has run out. The best thing to use for finishing the stage is the ground power-ups.

Return Man 2 – Play Return Man Online

Return Man 2 – Play Return Man Online

Nothing can beat Return Man 2!

Return Man 2 is the most favorite games of those who love to enjoy their leisure time in some stunning activity. There are so many games to play online, but nothing can beat Return Man 2.

The best part of the game is that it does amuse your mind but it never goes heavily unlike other complex games, it is a game of continuous hustle bustle, you have to run trying to catch the ball and driving it into the opponent’s goal.

Do you love football?

Thought Return Man 2 is a simple game but it gives a non-stop amusement from the beginning to the end. You’ll love this game if you love football game.

The features that make it an all-around winner in your book are reality, simplicity, and enjoyment. Return Man 2 follows the same idea that is used in real football game such as trying to get the ball again before it gets to the line, stopping the opponents, so you will be feeling like paying a real game of football, for sure.

One of the most important tips to become victorious in the game is to learn how to prevent the opposition players to get the important touchdown – by getting through blockers.

The graphics that have been utilized in the game are absolutely brilliant! An incredible mix of high-quality actions and smooth moments making Return Man 2 more appealing than ever before!

Diverse levels

The simplicity of the gameplay never impacts its attractiveness, beauty, and absorbance. In the beginning of the game, you will find it easier to cope, but as you go ahead you will feel your opponent is getting tougher.

The higher the level you are at, the tougher the challenge will be. However, you can dominate your opponent by mastering the strategy and attack, once you get that, you will be moving into the game without a hassle.

The game is not too simple to make you feel bored; a lot of skill and practice is needed to be a winner in the game. That’s what makes it a game of enjoyment.  In order to gain knowledge of a list of controls, special moves can be unlocked by a specific option.

The movement in diverse direction can be made with the help of I, J, L & K buttons. The space bar can be used to dive back; to make the game mute, M button is there. Without a doubt, Return Man 2 offers great fun and enjoyment for football lovers. What are you still thinking of? Let’s enjoy your leisure moments with such a stunning game!

Return Man – Play Return Man Online For Free

Return Man – Play Return Man Online For Free

Who is this game for?

So, if you are one of those freaks, living in the U.S who is very fond of football, then Return Man is a specially designed game for you. The foremost challenge for a player like you is to score goals by hitting it straight to the rival’s goal.

How to get started?

The runner is tasked to grab hold of the ball as soon as it falls in the circle in yellow color. The idea is exciting but you shouldn’t forget that you will have to face three defenders no sooner do you move to the rival’s goal once you have caught the ball.

Well, once the ball has been taken into the goal by the winning runner, the round is over. A light icon can be noticed. This is the time when running through the icon can give a boost to the runner’s speed.

An exciting game for football lovers

Return Man is an exciting game for football lovers offering a great fun and entertainment from the beginning to the end. The best thing to enjoy is amazing moves and simple-to-handle controls.

Taking the ball to the rival’s goal is the central theme of the game in a way that you first need to catch it and then try to push it into the goal to end the round as a winner.

Various players from the opposition will try to take you down to get hold of the ball making you feel helpless despite the gameplay seems to be simple when taking an overall look at the ground.

Tips to win the game

However, being a clever and energetic player, you must be able to run faster and make sharper turns than your opponents. Here are a few useful tips on how to maximize the victory chances.

  • As Return Man game goes on, you will see the stages, 15 in number, are locked.
  • The game begins in a way that the first stage of the game is locked; you have to unlock it to access the next one.
  • You will be awarded some special moves to make you interested in the game-play even more!
  • You can unlock all the moves by passing the stages.
  • The ball can be easily taken into the goal post to doge the opposition with the help of those special moves.

Without a doubt, Return Man is an exciting game for those who take a special interest in online games to challenge their gaming passion and skills. The gameplay shows a 100 percent American atmosphere filled with the American football rules and regulations.