Storm the House

Storm the House – Play on The Return Games

Fire in The Hole

Storm the House is a series of shooting games that provide you with the utmost thrill and excitement. If you are good at shooting and defending then you are at the right place. You are subjected to protect your stickman house from goons who aim to demolish it. You will be provided with weapons to use and ensure your stickman’s safety.
You will be directed to step in every level with a task to accomplish and invest it back in upgrading your home, weapons and more gunmen.

How to Control It?

• Left-click to attack the stickman
• Space bar to reload

Play Free War Attack Game Online

Play Free War Attack Game Online

Unleash Your fear!!

Be in the character of a soldier and fight for your clan in order to protect them from enemies. The War Attack game is a multiplayer warrior game to provide thrill and excitement while playing with your friends. It provides the utmost thrill and a 3D graphical vision to be on the battlefield.
You will be offered advanced and deadly weapons like a grenade, pistol, melee, and one rifle to be the supreme champion. Boost your game level to unlock new forms of more dynamic arms and ammunitions. The epic 3D action game challenge you to stay alive as long as you can to be the real warrior.
Command Your Army!!
Command it control it by your mouse to aim and shoot, Shift key to run, space bar to jump and WASD to move around.

Play Online Crazy Shooters Game for Free

Play Online Crazy Shooters Game for Free

Unveil Your Armed Forces!!

The prevailing army of undercover soldiers (on service) with high- teach weapons in a multiplayer environment game on Crazy Shooters that will provide you a purpose to serve your people and destroy the enemies. The missions illustrated in this game are very different from each other and aim you to have entire command over how you play with your friends or participants everywhere the world.
You will be offered to choose or create a room of a maximum of 16 players, then choose your team between A or B. You will be armed with advanced weapons and open up the fire against the rivals coming in your way. You have full authority to take advantage of the territory, get into hiding and try to kill more enemies. Don’t get afraid of fading away, if you die you will be recovered soon.

Control it and Lead the Way!!

You can use WASD or arrow keys to move around, left mouse button to fire, right mouse button to aim, press R to reload, space bar to jump across, hold the shift key to run, 1to 9 keys to change weapons and T to communicate with your team.

Play Modern Blocky Game

Play Modern Blocky Game

Uphold Your Entity!!

A 3D multiplayer Modern Blocky Game redefines the fantasy world while providing some excitement and fun to the players. The impish visuals will provide an amazing experience of the gameplay. The fun and effortless game include 10 exclusive and dissimilar zones which can be easily adjusted in the list of playable maps. In this wild multiplayer contest game, you can challenge players from all around the world.
Choose your team, Red or Blue, select the battlefield, grab a paintball gun or bang them with a sniper rifle, SMG, rocket launcher and shotguns. Kill your opponents with a well-pointed shot. But remember not to get strike by your enemies, if you get hit, you will lose!

Manipulate the Gameplay!!

Control the game with your keyboard. Use arrow keys or WASD to move around, left mouse click to shoot, press space bar to jump, shift key to run and tab key to access the menu

Raft Wars – Play it now Online

Raft Wars – Play it now Online

The central idea of the game ‘Raft Wars’

The central idea of the Raft Wars is all about Simon & his brother. You are tasked to help these two guys save their treasure, which is only possible by defeating the waves of enemies.

The enemies have to be knocked off of their perch in order to protect your raft. Before doing all that, you need to make sure that you have grabbed your tennis launcher. It is an adventurous game that can really help you enjoy your free time.

Important instructions about Raft Wars

  • Click on the link to reach the main site.
  • Click on the first picture as a game display to enable your flash.
  • Waite for a while until the game completely opens.
  • In order to aim and fire, you can move your mouse.


The game will be over in case you can’t help being knocked out of your raft.

Armor Mayhem

Armor Mayhem

What’s the game about?

The game, Armor Mayhem, is full of adventurous situation where humanity is about to take a new turn. This is because of the discovery of unlimited energy crystals on another planet.

Well, you are tasked to occupy that planet but that’s not that easy, you have to fight! Thus, Armor Mayhem is an exciting, action game. Before you start playing this game, you will need to understand the function of the following each game key.

How to play Armor Mayhem?

  • As you start playing, you have to expand the game by exploring maps and weapons.
  • In order to change the control setting, you can head to the main menu.
  • Press the Esc key to pause the game so you can start it again once you are free.
  • Use the space button to utilized adrenaline.
  • You can use A or D for moving around.
  • Hold the alphabetic key ‘E’ to give orders.
  • It is possible to switch weapons by pressing ‘Q’.
  • The key ‘W’ will help you to make a jump when needed.
  • Use ‘S’ to pick things up.
  • In order to stay up-to-date with your scoreboard, you have to hit ‘R’.