A Free Action Game on The Return Games – Tug The Table

Build Your character to Fight The Opposition!!

Tug The Table game is no less than the tug of war. It is a wonderful game in which you compete with each other who will pull the table in the best possible way. This game will analyze your toughness and power of endurance. You need to command your character, guide him to hold the table tightly and pursue to compel your competitor over the finish line. This game involves some crazy physics tricks as you need to manage speed and distance concerning time simultaneously.
In each fight, you must be the first to tug the table 5 times consecutively. Furthermore, this game offers you to pick one of the locations at which you want to fight, like a cityscape, a spaceship or a wonderland. There are different styles and colors of the table available to choose from. Winning all the battles can earn you a championship crown. So, what are you waiting for, log in and win it!


• Up arrow key for player 1.
• W key for player 2.